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Legal check
Legal protection of business operations
Legal Advisory
Financial Plan
Ensure long-term survival
Establish financial operations
Financial Housekeeping
Financial Advisory
Sales Training/Coaching
Implement professional Sales processes
Automate Sales
Mass market adoption
Sales System
Recurring revenue
Design Thinking
User interviews Pitchdeck
Marketing & Communication Strategy
Awareness and referral campaigns
Growth Hacking
Customer Retention
Customer Innovation
Concept Design
Clinical validation
Whole Product Solution
Serial Production
Ensure scalability
Improve efficiency
Stay innovative
Problem-Solution validation
Value Proposition
Business Plan
Business Plan
Go-to-market strategy
Project Management
Expansion &
Strategic Initiatives
Business trajectory
Optimization, Innovation, Exit

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We connect you to the right Service Providers and make them affordable for you.

We solve Service-for-Equity differently, providing the required flexibility with our professional contract templates. Traditional Service-for-Equity deals are not ideal because you don’t want to give up a fixed amount of equity before you really get to know each other. Our set-up gives you time to get to know your business partner. With our agreements the Startups can keep their shares and buy out a service provider later on.
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Find or bring your business partner

Don’t waste time and quickly find the service providers who accept Startup friendly payment terms.
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Agile Service Agreement

Start the collaboration with legally prooved contracts and without equity commitments.
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Create value together

Build trust through transpareny and automatic invoicing with flexible payment terms.
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Conversion to company shares

Align interests with our Virtual Share Agreement and define flexible exit scenarios.
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Do you want to learn more about our approach to Service-for-Equity or if this is for you? Book a video call with our CEO, Vincent.

As a Service Provider this is your chance to work on exciting projects and benefit from the real value creation.

Startup funding has never been easier and more rewarding

As a Startup you quickly get what you actually need to bring your project to the next stage and make it investible or revenue generating.

As a Service provider this is your chance to work on exciting projects and benefit from the real value creation.

KAPSLY USP No legal fees
No legal fees
KAPSLY USP Quick set-up / funding
Quick set-up / funding
KAPSLY USP Flexible agreements
Flexible agreements
KAPSLY USP Fair service compensation
Fair service compensation
KAPSLY USP No company valuation needed
No company valuation needed
KAPSLY USP Usable as a bridge-loan
Usable as a bridge-loan


picture of Kevin who supports KAPSLY
Kevin, Qualityloop
KAPSLY helped me to find the right service provider for my development needs quickly and easily. Thanks to KAPSLY’s contract templates and service provider compensation possibilities we were able to start developing right away without having to worry about anything else. If you need work done for your Startup I recommend having a look on KAPSLY’s marketplace first.
picture of Praveen who supports KAPSLY
Praveen, Facedapter
KAPSLY connected us to patent attorney who are right fit for us and for the second time we are using KAPSLY services for setting up Employee stock option plan. As a startup founder if you are bootstraping and want to achieve the most important milestones without giving a big slice of equity, KAPSLY is the best choice.

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