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Startups are unlike small & medium corporate businesses. They are exciting visions of dreamers that want to shoot for the stars.

And with that, the founders often don't know what exactly they need to build; they don't understand the technical requirements and how it should be done because they come from the side of the vision.

We assist you in how to start as a venture studio to work with startups long-term as their service partners.
And our platform gives you all the tools needed to work with them efficiently.

use our contract wizard to create contracts yourself

Create Contracts

Use our contract wizard to create contracts how you negotiated and want them: Whether you need regular payments, repayment plans, or want to convert all or part of the deal into virtual shares - KAPSLY makes it transparent and ready to use. Choose the legal base of Swiss or EU standards.

Track Services

Whether you decide on hourly rates per service, milestone delivery or monthly retainers:
Track all values in the app, let the platform calculate outstanding payments for you and keep a transparent overview of all services delivered.

track services with our service tool
On our marketplace you can find leads right away and contact them

Service Request Marketplace

Approved service requests get listed on our marketplace, where you can see their company’s pitch decks and vital stats before getting in touch. Now it is your time to make proposals and win new clients.

Step By Step Guides

Whether it’s your first contract or your 100th, you now have a go-to resource filled with tips and informative videos.
General guides are in our FAQ; specific explainer videos are directly linked in the app.

we guide you with step by step guides in the platform and on youtube
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Payment Options Explained

At KAPSLY, we offer several repayment formats, next to standard payment term contracts.
You can create these contracts yourself with our generator - or use one of our templates.

Repayment plan (standard)

The invested service value will be appreciated over time, and your client must make instalment payments according to the interest that you define.
At the latest after 36 months, the client must make the full redemption payment.

Repayment plan with conversion to company shares

Add the option to convert uncompensated services into virtual shares. Such agreements reduce administrative effort and give you time to build a good relationship for a long-term collaboration. You define when the payout happens, usually at an exit or when the client raises a larger VC-round.

Revenue-based repayment

You receive a defined percentage of clients’ future revenues until a target repayment amount is reached.
Startups should have an MRR of around USD 10’000 and a track record.
Service Providers are advised to review the financial reports and forecasts of the startups.

Virtual shares
(also called phantom stock)

Virtual shares give you the right to a cash payment tied to the market value of an equivalent number of shares of the corporation's stock.
Thus, the payout amount will increase as the stock price rises. You don't have to sit on their board, and founders don't dilute their company shares.
You define the payout moment as either a time (e.g. 3yrs) or in association with a designated event in the future (i.e. an exit or a funding round).

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