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Whether you choose a fixed service package or need custom services - Our contracts are specifically made with startups in mind, to ensure flexible compensation terms while making sure you have your IP protected and you are not diluting your cap table.

Working with agencies pays out - we help you do it right.

“It’s natural for people to believe that, when they pay for work product such as software, they will own it. Unfortunately, under copyright law, that just isn’t the case, [...] unless you have an express, written assignment of copyrights, that outside developer you just paid tens of thousands of dollars to will own the software he just developed. 
And that’s in spite of what both parties may have intended all along.”

Chris Sloan, co-chair of Baker Donelson’s Emerging Companies group

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Increase chance of success

A founding team cannot handle all tasks alone. Instead of raising funds right away, increase your valuation with agencies that provide direct expertise.

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Reduce cash burn

Instead of paying service providers all upfront, you can negotiate contracts where you pay them back over time or convert outstanding debt to virtual shares.

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Keep control over your equity and board

Our contracts protect your cap table, so you don’t have to give up equity or board seats — a true alternative to fundraising.

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Legal safe space

Our contracts protect your work, give you full IP protection, and are transparent and flexible.

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Founder Friendly Contracts

Whether you want regular payments, repayment plans, or want to convert the deal into virtual shares - KAPSLY contracts protect your IP, are transparent and flexible. Currently offering Swiss and EU law standards.

Legal Safe Space

Be it hourly rates per service, milestone delivery or monthly retainers: Track all values in the app, let the platform calculate outstanding payments and keep a transparent overview of all services delivered, paid and upcoming.

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On our marketplace you can find leads right away and contact them

Service Request Marketplace

Accepted custom service requests are invited to our marketplace, where you can upload your pitch decks and vital stats before contacting agencies.

We promote you to all service providers, and you hear when we have new ones that want to invest in you.

Step By Step Guides

Whether it’s your first time working with an agency or your 100th, you now have a go-to resource filled with tips and informative videos.
General guides are under resources; specific explainer videos are directly linked in the app.

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