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Find services to build your company in a legal safe space, where your startup's IP and cap table are protected.

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We promote you to hundreds of startups and assist you to becoming the venture studio that startups need.

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What we do for you

KAPSLY helps you understand startups - and how to work with them.

We join you to find the ones worth your time, how to work with them, negotiate terms when they can't pay right away, how to create contracts and how you can position yourself to be more attractive to startups.

Our approach is promote your services to startups to find deals and then toonboard you to our platform where you have all the tools you need to work as a venture studio.
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Set-up Assistance
We help you to streamline your process to start collaboration
within days.
How to Create Flexible Agreements
Custom contracts allowing repayment plans, revenue share or phantom stocks.
Create Impact & Value
Track service values and milestones transparently when using repayment plans or virtual shares.
Reducing Legal Hassle
Learn our best strategies to save 1000’s of legal fees.
Venture Studio Partner
Position yourself as tested, proven and trusted venture partner.
Find Longterm Partners
Find Startups to work with from Idea to IPO.


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