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Service-for-Equity: How to get started

The startup landscape is constantly evolving, and so are the strategies for growth and success. With investors pulling in and out of markets, it is sensible to explore and understand alternative options as well.

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How to get through the fundraising downturn

Being a founder today sort of sucks. If you missed the opportunity to raise money during the all-time high of valuations and VC-funding, well, you missed out. But also startups that did not miss out struggle and face down rounds, which is often the beginning of the end.

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How to become a Venture Studio in a day

Working on exciting new projects and benefiting from the financial upside sounds like a dream project to many agency owners. But how can it be done in a professional and lean way?

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Autonomyo working with KAPSLY contracts

Showcase Autonomyo: Faster progress without funding

Getting a complex medtech and digital health product to market usually takes a lot of time and capital. Autonomyo was able to accelerate this process and even do this without capital. An example that many startups can follow with the solution from KAPSLY.

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Is Service-for-Equity an effective alternative to traditional funding?

Resource investing & working with venture studios are ways to fund projects directly with the resources that are needed in order to realise that project.

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Convertible Loans - Understand and then sign!

We explain what a convertible loan is, why you would want to use one and what the essential terms and essential aspects mean.
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How to avoid dead equity

Dead equity is used to describe the passive ownership of shares, usually from co-founders or early supporters, who are no longer active in the company. Learn how to avoid that.

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