KAPSLY came into being out of necessity.
We were at a hackaton tinkering about ideas and knew we needed marketing and IT support. However, we could not pay the agencies upfront, and no one offered a payment contract that would allow us to pay the service agency back over the next months.

So we decided to build a solution for this.

We call our solution a Venture Studio as a Service - Marketplace.

As a team, we are complementary professionals and we are proud to have amazing advisors and supporters. And yes, we used our own contract creator to create a service agreement with our technology partner Inventify.

If you want to learn more about KAPSLY, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
We are always looking for motivated talents.

Founder Vincent
Vincent Irrling
Founder / Business Development
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Based in Zurich Switzerland, Vincent is driving all business related activities. He holds a MBA from the University of St. Gallen and has many years of international experience in product management and new business development.

Andreas M Ruegger CSO at KAPSLY
Andreas Rüegger
Marketing / Business Development
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Andy does all things marketing, organisation and outreach. He holds two MA Degrees and has a bunch of useful skills. Since his first steps into the entrepreneurial world during his studies, he has been building B2C and Web3 things mostly.

Legal Advisor Max
Maximilian Diem, PhD
Legal Counsel
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Partner at IXAR.
Passionate impact investing entrepreneur experienced in creating profitable sustainable business models. A trusted advisor with strong experience in environmental law, business law, policy analysis, litigation, dispute resolution, mediation and negotiation.

Advisor Jan
Jan Fülscher
Advisor, Mentor
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Coach and mentor for startups and scaleups. Supporter for entrepreneurs. Board member for SMEs, martech startups, art startups. Lecturer and speaker for start-up-related topics (how to start-up, funding, success factors, ...).Also: Co-founder SICTIC.ch, former managing director of businessangels.ch. (Co-) initiator of Startup Weekend Creative Business, Startup Stage, PitchBang.

tech advisor Basel
Basel Dayyani, PhD
Tech Advisor
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Basel did his PhD at NASA and worked for big tech companies in the US. He also ran an AI startup in California. Now in Switzerland he is Chief Digital Innovation Officer at Ovivo.

karl njallson
Karl Njálsson
Technology Partner
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Karl is CBO at Inventify, a Swiss software company aiming to change the way people develop B2B software by making no-code a true alternative for software ventures and businesses in highly data-sensitive industries.

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