How To Work With KAPSLY

Our core mission is to enable longterm collaboration between service seekers and service providers.

Here is how:

Step 1

The service seeking company receives a service package offer or submits a custom service request with their needs and preferred compensation terms.

Step 2

We connect the startups with the all service providers to review, proposals are now being sent and you get in touch to discuss details.

Step 3

Usually, services have to be negotiated and start small first, with prolonged work relationships over time. The service providers thus can create contracts themselves in the app. Our contracts protect the IP of the clients, so make sure that you only work with KAPSLY contracts.

Step 4

The collaboration begins. Now the agency can track all service values and milestones on the platform.

Step 5

The service seekers receive invoices until the service agreement is fulfilled, can rate the service provider and compliment their work.

service providers building up a company piece by pieceService Providers

Learn more, what options you have and how our marketplace works.

seeking services on the platformStartups

Find out more about what you should know when dealing with service providers.

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At which stage do startups need what?

We collected the most important steps on a statups journey on our KAPSLY Matrix.
Depending on whay you offer, you can quickly figure out what startups might be needing and which stage they are in.